Webtable 2. Individual changes in willingness to pay (WTP) for anti-emetics and analgesics in relation to postoperative experiences of nausea and vomiting (PONV) and pain in the postanesthesia care unit.


Individual WTP change



Net household Income

p = 0.043

STAI? preoperative anxiety trait score > 50 points

p = 0.006

Isoflurane/nitrous oxide anesthesia

p = 0.138

Severe postoperative pain (NRS? 8)

p = 0.015

STAI? ?anxiety state score

p = 0.209

Female gender

p = 0.128


p = 0.631




*? ?age and gender were not included in the multivariate analysis, as these were correlated to income

?? ?Spielberger?s State-Trait Anxiety Inventory

? ? numerical rating score